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March 12, 2014
March 6, 2020
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This is how your dog ought to be.

Your dog is supposed to be laughing cheering and playing all the way. if he isn't, you might need to check him up.

King Frederick of Prussia, quoted,” dog is man’s best friend.”. TRUE !! They are the most enchanting, intelligent and smart animals you will ever come across. We can learn so much from their behavior. There manners, smart moves, personality, flexibility and most importantly, their willingness to give their family; unconditional love, loyalty, and company till their last breathe. There is a saying that “your dog might not be the priority for you, but you are the only priority of your dog.

Imagine yourself coming from your work at night; tired, exhausted, pressurized, and in tension of further work day and their comes a wagging tail and a huge smile towards you and comforts you tightly. Did you feel that exertion relieving chill running down your spine ??. That’s what a dog does to you. They do not judge you for any of your doings, rather they just love you without any demands or returns. They do not mind how you’re dressed up or what you look like, they are always happy to see you. there enthusiasm never gets down while you are with them. They live in present and have no regrets or sadness of past or any worry of future. This is one of the most important characteristics we humans can learn from them. No matter what happens, we live in present; here and now. this way we can experience the fruitfulness of life and its richness.

A beautiful creature I found in Solang Valley.

I do not know if that’s only my feeling or everyone feels that but when a dog is present around you, nothing else matters as such. In fact, the environment turns out to be happy, jolly and full of rejoice in the presence of a dog. The day turns out to be lighter with it’s pure love showers, bearing no expense and asking nothing in return. This, as per me, is one of the finest beauty of life on can ever enjoy as we can learn this special character from them.

Dogs are the most sensitive living beings. They sense your touch, voice, eyes and your emotions in seconds and often try to cuddle with you. Have you ever been sad or upset, reached home and your dog came in your lap and licked your cheeks sensing your sadness ??. People say that licking and cuddling is in their nature but what I’ve sensed is, they never do it with that sensitivity every time. they are sometimes playful but other times they are just silently doing that. This shows that in spite it is in their nature, their way of doing it is different and it depends on your mood. How I wish our loved ones were so sensitive towards our feelings and moods, isn’t it ??

Dogs never hold any grudges. They never leave your back. They are one of the most easy going and forgiving creatures in the world. You will never observe the packs fighting in the wild nor your lovely pet will be keeping any sort of grudge for you in their heart. even in packs, they quarrel, sort and move on further rather than holding up to it and fighting. I think this is one of the most important character we humans should learn from them. World is at war and if we learn this from dogs, I am sure about this that we can avoid the conflicts and live with peace together.

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