King Frederick of Prussia, quoted,” dog is man’s best friend.”. TRUE; but I am possessing a different mindset of observing animals. My articles in Pawfur: All about pets are generally for people of every age. All animals if treated humbly kindly and lovingly can turn out to be man’s best friends as our mother nature is the same and it manifests in all of us. They are silent but their emotions are not.

Our pets are our best hosts, friends, they care for us, they have all sorts of emotions and friendliness a human craves for. They can care for you, love you, and serve you in any and every situation.

They can do everything for us, only if they are treated well and trained well. On this website, you will get different articles that will be explaining the different characteristics of your little paw friends. We, therefore, need to learn to treat them good and this does not involve plenty of harsh steps or some impossible, instead, some very easy and adorable steps to win their hearts and their loyalty. I will tell some easy and simple steps while going further in this journey, where one can learn to win a dog’s heart and its loyalty easily. We need to learn dog care, we need to learn about our pets, the way they socialize, and their way of handling situations. It will help our community of Pawfur: All About Pets to grow bigger and better.

Here I will be informing all of you about some easy ways to make your dog more:

  1. Friendly to other dogs, puppies, and humans.
  2. Alert about the vibes of the people especially negative people.
  3. Symptoms of illness and how to know the exact situations of illness
  4. About maintaining their appetite, adding something new to it, and the duration after which they will be in the habit of new appetite.
  5. Different moods of dogs and their characteristics.
  6. Some fun facts, hots related to dogs.
  7. Molestation of the dogs and ways to stop it.
  8. Harassment of dogs and their characteristics during that phase.

You can go to my Article section for further wonderful details.

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