March 6, 2020
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Animal Cruelty

bruised dog

Dog’s name is Sandburg. It’s a one-year-old female terrier mix.

Cruelty Over Dogs

Animal Cruelty is a most rigorously practiced activity, a very big problem, and a very disheartening fact of this generation. Our paw friends rely on us for food, shelter, love, and affection, instead, they often do not get it positively. We as human beings need to understand our little beloved paw friend’s signs and preventions of the cruelty from getting practiced on them.

There are two types of animal cruelty practiced on our paw friends and understand their signs and differentiate between them.

A dog rescued from Vaishali, Ghaziabad.


This kind of cruelty often includes minimal knowledge of proper pet care practices. Here, devoid of the intent, our paw friends face the cruelty. Below are some practices which lead to the negligence of our dogs by the people who are not aware or do not possess the means of properly taking care of their paw friends.

  1. The dog is left outside without proper shelter meeting the weather conditions.
  2. The dog is not fed a proper diet or is not fed in proper intervals, leading to malnutrition.
  3. The dog is left outside without food and water meeting the weather conditions.
  4. The dog has a medical condition that is not visible and the person is not aware of it.
  5. The medical condition of the dog which is unaffordable for the owner.
  6. Animal Hoarding: Condition where a person keeps more than one dog with them but is not able to care for all of them adequately.
A dog I found in my village in Sitapur district.


This is the cruelty that is performed intentionally. Any human being beating, stabbing, burning, or harming a dog falls under this. Below are few things to understand about animal abuse.

  • Humans abusing dogs usually react violently against other humans.
  • Humans who are emotionally unstable harm animals.
  • Houses with people who harm household animals tend to be violent towards their children as well.
  • Dogfighting and forcing dogs to race is also animal abuse.
  • Children abusing animals are likely to turn into violent adults.


  • Matted fur, overgrown nails, dirty coat, and fur covering eyes.
  • A chronic injury that is not treated.
  • Not able to stand due to weakness.
  • The dog is left outside for long without any food or water and human affection.
  • Uncomfortable leash for your dog leading to rashes on the neck.
  • Leaving a dog outside in bad weather without any shelter and food.
  • Poor sanitation of the area where the dog is kept.
  • Emaciation or starving and extremely thin dog.
  • The cage is very small for it to stand or turn around.
  • Open wounds
  • Flea and tick infestation.
  • A person kicking, hitting, or harming the dog with his activities.
This poor creature was rescued from Georgia, USA.


If you find any animal getting neglected or abused in front of your eyes, dial 100 directly, to control the whole fiasco. Apart from this, PETA, an organization that looks after the welfare of animals gives us the independence to contact them if we see anything suspicious happening with animals. The contact number for this organization is (0) 98201 22602, please remain with the animal if it is injured.


It is an NGO Foundation operating in Delhi NCR, for the welfare of animals and eradicating animal abuse from the local region. They do not operate any hospital or ambulance instead, provide solutions for the reported animal problems to the people. You can contact them by emailing your problem to them, being very active on the mails, you can get a very quick reply with the solution.


Her name is Oreo and she is a pit bull terrier.


It is an animal NGO running since 1964 and can help you out in the situation of animal distress. Trained experts in animal rescue and relief and our ambulances are on duty during the day for all emergencies. If you find an animal in distress, please call the landlines (Chennai only) on +91-44-46274999 / +91-44-71819575. If the lines are busy, please send a WhatsApp message to our emergency helpline at +919962998886. You can send them an email to request rescue as well.

I will sum up this post with a sheer request to everyone to stop this horrific violence on our little paw friends and report this to the above-mentioned helplines whenever and wherever they face it. This will not earn you anything but it will save a life and will bring you intense satisfaction and a feeling of joy and happiness.



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